Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Aren't these roses beautiful? Today is our 14th Wedding Anniversary so, Brad surprised me with 14 pretty pink roses--my favorite! Such a sweetheart! It doesn't even seem possible that we have been together that long--time flies. Here we are, 3 children and one dog later--FUN!

Picture of the family

So, here is a picture of our family at my mom and dad's house this past Easter. As you can see, the kids are really growing up fast! I miss the days when the Twins were toddling around and Caden was a roly-poly baby. Oh well, we move on to bigger and better things. The Twins are busy 3rd, soon to be 4th graders. Alysabeth enjoys taking dance--ballet, tap and jazz and also taking piano lessons. Evan is an amazing baseball player and I keep telling him one day he will get a scholarship to play baseball for BYU and he too takes piano lessons. Caden is still the baby, although I won't let him hear me call him that. He is a thriving Kindergartner, soon to be full time 1st grader and is enjoying his first year playing T-ball. Brad is doing great at Cherokee Memorial Funeral Home and keeps busy in Rotary club and coaching Caden's T-ball team. I am still at home with the kids even though I am never home. I am the free shuttle that drives all over Lodi for three very busy children. I am the Primary President in our ward and have about 60 primary children that I work with. I am also serving as the PTA Executive V.P. at the kids' school. So, I keep myself busy. Once Caden starts 1st grade, I hope to go back to work as a preschool teacher. Well, I will try to write as often as I can and try to take more pictures so that I have fun stuff to post. Thanks for stopping by, come again soon!!

New to this

Well, it seems to me that I am behind the times in this whole blogging thing so I thought I better get on the ball. I have had a lot of fun looking through other people's blogs and I am not sure I will be able to do this but I will give it a go!