Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Caden's Fieldtrip!

On Monday, Nov. 17th I went with 80 first graders on their fieldtrip. We walked to the Junior High to see a production of "The Princess and the Pea" and then we went to Lodi Lake for a picnic lunch and a frolic in the park. We had fun but it was a lot of walking and there were quite a few complainers--Caden was one of them. Have to hand it to him though--his Asthma was pretty bad that day.

Always the poser!

After the play the cast signed autographs--being the Chocolate Lover that he is--he had to pose with the M-n-M!

An autograph from the King!

Caden doing the Chicken Dance--he is such a ham!

Who doesn't enjoy a nice roll down the hill?!?!
Sunday, November 16th, the Twins participated in the Benight Piano Studio Fall Recital. They both did so well and we have video of each of them--however, since Brad HAD to sit on the isle, I gave him camera duty (I'm usually in charge of the camera!) and during Alysabeth's piece, he flipped the battery compartment open when he pressed record so we have like 2 seconds of her playing--I will record her here at home so you can hear the whole thing.

Mrs. Mona Benight and her students.


I know,I know, what took me so long! Things are so busy--PTA, work, kids lessons and piano recital, dance and the end of Fall Baseball--it all kind of comes at you at the same time.
Anyway, here are a few pictures from Halloween 2008!

Halloween night at Mom and Dad's--we trick or treat in their neighborhood since it is a gated community--safer! Kids in order--Dawson, Madison, Caden, Evan, Alysabeth and Jackson--the MICKEY MOUSE GANG!

Caden's 1st grade class in the masks they created--they aren't allowed to wear costumes to school anymore--but they had a little party.

Caden kickin' it with his Halloween cup and straw--silly boy!

Sunday, November 2, 2008


The evening after my Nana's funeral, we had a nice family dinner. It was a wonderful evening of memories. It's hard to believe that we all grew up so close and now we are spread all over the U.S. But, thanks to my Nana and Papa we will remain close in our hearts and now, the INTERNET!!!

Aunt Susan, Uncle David, Aunt Bev, Uncle Tony, Aunt Betsy, Uncle Dave, my Mom and Dad.

My Nana and Papa's four daughters!

All 10 grandchildren!! Tim, Devon, Meredydd, Brian, Heidi, Jack, Megan, me, Kristen, and Heather. We had a lot of fun talking about the "old days". Especially the "steamroller"--teehee!


In front of a NEW Evergreen High School sign. The school front has changed but everything else looks pretty much the same.

Jack, Heather and I sitting on the steps of our preschool. The teacher was so excited to see 3 grown students--she gave us some note cards with a hand-drawn picture of the "Little White School House".

Brian, Devon, me, Heather, and Jack on top of "our mountain". Brian wanted to make sure we got Lion's Head in the background--guess what, my head is blocking it :)

Dad, Mom, me, Heather and Jack in front of the entrance sign of our neighborhood.

The old Pine Junction store--still looks the same! Had a doozy of a car accident in front of this store in 1993--Brian saw the whole thing. And wouldn't you know that they put a traffic light in not too long after that incident. Sorry about your Volvo Heather :)


HEY THERE! I'm finally getting out pictures from Disneyland up! We had a wonderful trip and the kids keep asking when we're going to go again. It was a lot of fun and THANKS to Mom/Nana and Dad/Papa for making it a great trip for all!