Sunday, November 2, 2008


In front of a NEW Evergreen High School sign. The school front has changed but everything else looks pretty much the same.

Jack, Heather and I sitting on the steps of our preschool. The teacher was so excited to see 3 grown students--she gave us some note cards with a hand-drawn picture of the "Little White School House".

Brian, Devon, me, Heather, and Jack on top of "our mountain". Brian wanted to make sure we got Lion's Head in the background--guess what, my head is blocking it :)

Dad, Mom, me, Heather and Jack in front of the entrance sign of our neighborhood.

The old Pine Junction store--still looks the same! Had a doozy of a car accident in front of this store in 1993--Brian saw the whole thing. And wouldn't you know that they put a traffic light in not too long after that incident. Sorry about your Volvo Heather :)

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