Saturday, September 13, 2008

Children's Parade

Caden, Alysa and I got up and went to the Children's Parade this morning. Alysa marched with her dance team. While we waited for it to start, Caden visited with the A&W Bear.
Bear Hug!

See ya dude.
Caden reading his Lego magazine while we wait.

Here they come--you can see Alysa's royal blue skirt under the banner.

There she is, waving like a princess!

Alysabeth performing "Trickle, Trickle".

Alysa--such a cute dance!!

Alysa and the Grape Festival

Alysabeth has been performing at the Grape Festival this week. She has performed her tap number--"Trickle, Trickle" 3 times and her ballet number from "Swan Lake" twice.
Waiting their turn to perform.
Under her umbrella--"Trickle, Trickle".

Beautiful Ballerina!

Evan--Winter Baseball!

Well, Evan is at it again! Winter Baseball has started and Evan had his first game on Saturday, Sept. 6th. Winterball is not as competitive and they don't generally keep score but Evan informed me that they beat them by 6 runs!

Evan up to bat--love that stance!

High fivin' after the game!

Here he is--they didn't have the uniforms yet but their colors are royal blue so he wore his Dad's favorite team jersey today!

Ward BBQ & Swim Party! 9/5/08

On Friday, Sept. 5th our Ward had a BBQ and Swim Party at one of our member's home. They have a lot of property and it is so beautiful. The kids had a great time in the pool, the giant slip-n-slides and the trampoline--it was a fun night and the kids were all tuckered out when we finally left there after dark!
Evan and his buddy swimmin'.

Evan on the diving board!

This is actually Caden after he jumped off the diving board into the innertube--silly boy! All you can see are floaties and the top of his head.

Ward BBQ & Swim Party! 9/5/08

The Young Men in our Ward made two huge slip-n-slides--here's Alysa going for a long slide!

Evan, doin' it baseball style!

Caden had a blast!

They had a trampoline set up--wasn't so sure about that but they had fun and no one got hurt--luckily!

Alysabeth and her friend on the big backyard swing.