Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Brad scanned this picture into the computer and it went in a little weird so please excuse the border. Anyway, a picture of my three boys who are all about baseball these days! It has been an exciting season this year. This is Caden's first year in TBall and he's having a lot of fun. I usually sit by first base when I watch him play so when he makes it there, he comes over and gives me a hug--silly boy. I love it but I'm not so sure Brad does--he is the team manager. Evan is doing incredible! His team is undefeated so far and he is loving it. He is the youngest player on the team but his coach is now calling him "The Natural" since he has been hitting pretty big. For a little while he wouldn't even swing at the ball because he saw one of his teammates get hit pretty hard. But now he has been getting on base almost every turn he has at bat--YEAH! It has been a lot of fun watching my boys play this year and I can honestly say I might be a little sad when the season ends. I won't miss all the crazy running around though!


Amanda said...

I think that's great that evan's gotten over that fear!! tell them both good luck from us! We went to a uvu baseball game last night and it was a blast!

Penny said...

Baseball season is CRAZY! I definately know about that! Cute pictures. I sure miss you and your cute family! Come visit my blog... www.TheRowellReview.blogspot.com