Monday, July 14, 2008


On Wednesday, July 9th, it was LAGOON day. I didn't take my camera into the park because I had too much fun going on all the rides to worry about pictures. But, here are the kids in the awesome matching outfits Grandma bought them--once again, Haley is missing. I heard a lot of people talking about their outfits--they all looked GREAT and they were easy to spot! It was such a fun day! All of the Webb clan was there and my brother Jack and his wife Amanda came as well! All three of my children went on the white rollercoaster this year--that's right, the BIG rollercoaster! In fact, Caden went 3 times!!!!!! We stayed until the place closed down--we were exhausted but Lagoon Day is always one of the highlights of our Utah trip!

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