Saturday, December 20, 2008

School Stuff!

Here he is--Evan had the lead in the school play--"Surfing Santa". He is, as you can see Santa. The play was wonderful--if it wouldn't take forever to upload I would have it on the blog. The principal told me--"That boy of yours has some voice" to which I replied, "That's the Welsh in him." He did great!

Alysabeth was the heroine in the play--a girl named Ellen that helped save Santa's factory from a hostile take over. She had a small singing solo and did a beautiful job--it was a great night!

My two stars!

Caden wanted in on the picture.

Caden had a great program at school also. The first grade did each letter of the alphabet with a holiday saying and sang a bunch of songs. I have that all on video as well--again, too long to upload. This is Caden dressed in his PJs--he had a Polar Express party his last day of school--he took donut holes to share and had a great time!

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