Thursday, June 26, 2008

Japantown--June 25th

Caden, Evan and Alex in front of the Osaka Castle replica in Japantown.

Caden and Evan with "wealthy/good luck" cat.

Same cat but with Alysabeth and Emily.

Picture Blaine took of Brad and I by the pool.

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kristi said...

Bronwyn, that is a great picture of you and Brad. You look so pretty. We miss you here. Leslie moved last week. We had a farewell for her at Applebee's, a lot of girls came --Tanda (she's pregnant), Lori Case, Cindy, Ann, Lori Sookhoo, Stacey Haslem, Regina, Marie Walker, Sherry Vail, Sharece (Marie's daughter), Tami Dixon (also pregnant), and Amber Gariety (I don't think you know her). Wish you could have been there!