Monday, June 2, 2008

Last Day of School 2008

Alysabeth, Elle and Samantha. These girls have been at each other for the past few months so you can imagine my shock when they posed for this picture like they were best buds. Oh well, we will see what happens next year with the three of them. They're each holding their "Wilbur" pigs--they read "Charolette's Web".

My sweet angels. It brings tears to my eyes to look at this picture. It is amazing to me how fast my children are growing up. People used to say when the twins were babies, it would get easier. To be honest, I long for the days when they were rummaging through kitchen cabinets and making a huge mess in the playroom (although they still make messes). As my children get older, there are new challenges to overcome and they learn more about our world that I wish I could shelter them from. I guess you just have to pray that they will choose the right and come to you when they need help. I love them so much and I am so grateful to be a mother and a wife--it is the GREATEST position I will ever hold!

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The Robinsons said...

That is a great picture of the three of them.