Monday, June 23, 2008

TOC Results

Well, our baseball season came to an end yesterday. Friday was a tight game, we squeaked by with a 4 to 3 win in the last inning. Saturday was a fairly easy game for us, we won 11 to 1. Sunday was a rough game. We played Pioneer, who we played first in the tournament and lost to. Our boys did an amazing job! We lost the game 5 to 6. However, the team we played lost two of their pitchers for the game due to cheating and they also messed with their batting line-up. Brad gave a wonderful speech to the boys at the end about how far we'd come and even though we lost, we never played dirty! Evan made it to bat 3 times and hit 2 of those times and was walked the third. Evan also made the catch of his life in right field--I started crying the second he caught that ball--it was AMAZING!!!! Wish I'd got that on video! The boys did a wonderful job this season--can't wait for Winter Ball! It has been so fun watching Evan this season--baseball is totally his thing! His coach said that he has the "prettiest swing" of anyone on their team. We're so proud of him!!

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Karen said...

Great season Evan!! We have been watching you! You are such a natrual at bat, your swing looks like a pro!!

Sister Hansen